Havasupai Hiking From Hilltop to Supai

Come prepared, it is 8 miles to Supai and another 2 miles to the campground and falls.  The hike is rated moderately difficult and travels through a riverbed in a narrow canyon. The first mile drops very quickly into the canyon and can be difficult on the way out, as it is the last mile. Timing your hike is crucial. Do your best to avoid traveling in the heat of the day in the summer months. Get an early start. Caching a gallon of water on the way in for the trip out is always a good plan. After leaving the village and the  last stop for water, having a gallon before the last mile may be a life saver. Hiking at night is also a good option for those familiar with the trail but usually does not work well with meeting packers to carry your gear. The trail is hot, dry and dusty. Be prepared with plenty of water, at least 2 quarts. On your hike you will certainly come upon mule trains. It is best to move aside when they pass to avoid being struck or spooking an animal.

Hiking to Havasu Falls has the huge payoff at the end. The beautiful aqua blue waters of Havasu Creek and the falls. This does not come without a price. Be aware of flash floods when hiking in as well as in the campground. These can be very dangerous and occur without warning.

Hilltop To Mooney Falls View
Hualapai Hilltop Airshot
Hualapai Hilltop View of Trail
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